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sailing the north west passage

Episode 68 of The Sailing Podcast is with Richard Hudson, who has been sailing to Antarctica and the North West Passage. Richard has circumnavigated the Americas in his 50ft steel schooner Issuma.

We hear about why Richard chose the Damien II design and also about the perils of having to purchase a yacht sight unseen, because the yacht was for sale in France, while Richard was in New York. We only spoke about a fraction of Richards sailing and there are some other interesting stories on his website,, including his account of being rolled over in his former yacht Orbit II, in a Force 9 storm, 300 miles south of Iceland.

Richard shares the story of purchasing Issuma in France and sailing down the Atlantic to Argentina for a refit. After this he sailed back to New York and prepared for a journey that took him through the North West Passage and, after a break in Canada, he sailed to Antarctica.

Continue to read this article for:

  • Links to Richard's website and guides
  • Information about the Damien II Schoonar
  • To see the map of the voyages of Issuma

If you would like to download a free PDF guide on sailing small schoonars, written by Richard Hudson, then download The Sailing podcast app from iTunes or the Google Play store. I mention it during the interview and Richard was kind enough to let me share it as a PDF bonus to this episode. Just search for the sailing podcast in iTunes or Google Play store if you have an android phone.

Sailing to Antarctica and the North West Passage

Sailing to Antarctica and the North West Passage

I found Richard Hudson after seeing a map of his journeys posted onto a Facebook post in the Sailing the North West Passage group. He has also been sailing to Antarctica.

The yacht Issuma is a Damien II designed schoonar with an ice breaking hull made of steel. One of the main features which made Richard choose the Damien II was the swinging keel, with 4.5 tons of lead and room for 700 liters of fuel. The yacht was located in France and Richard tells the story of buying a boat sight unseen, and some of the consequences of this during the podcast interview.

Richard has written some great articles at his website -, and this includes an article on sailing small schoonars, which he has allowed me to share via a free PDF if you download the episode using The Sailing Podcast app.

It is available from iTunes or the Google Play store. - just search for The Sailing Podcast. Richard has a history of sailing to Antarctica, which goes back to the Shackleton expedition.

There is an interesting thread, which developed over the past 3 episodes with Louis of Alaska Adventure Sailing, then Ross and Topher of Chasing Bubbles Movie and now Richard on Sailing Issuma. All have taken huge trips using crew sourced along the way. It goes to show there are plenty of opportunities to gain some valuable experience by looking on sites like, which is the one Richard used for finding crew for his travels. Don’t forget, I talked to Kylie from Findacrew all the way back in Episode 3.

Speaking of podcast guests, there are a couple of Aussies who just popped into Noosa, Michael and Andy Hoult, who have just returned from season cruising the South Pacific on their home built yacht, Roam.

If you want to check out their YouTube channel it is sailsurfroam. Carina and I spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon hearing about how they built the yacht ‘ROAM’ in Tasmania and some tales from sailing the South Pacific. They will appear on the next episode of the podcast.

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alex-rust Episode 67 of The Sailing Podcast is a conversation with Topher Cochrane and Ross Gerber about the making of the 'Chasing Bubbles' movie. Chasing Bubbles is about the circumnavigation by Alex Rust on his yacht 'Bubbles'.You can watch it for free on YouTube and Vimeo. The links and player are located further down this post. I watched the movie before I spoke to Ross and Topher and there probably is a case for you watching it before listening to the rest of the podcast, because we do discuss the story in detail during the interview. The movie is about Alex Rust, a charismatic 25 y/o from Indiana who trades the life of a stock trader for that of derelict sailboat captain. With no previous experience, he and his bearded pals dare to circumnavigate the globe in desperate pursuit of a meaningful life. Continue reading this article for:

  • Links to watching the Chasing Bubbles Movie for free
  • Information on the Fast Passage 39
  • Review of the sailing book 'The Moonshine Logs'


Chasing Bubbles Documentary

The interview for Podcast 67 is with Ross Gerber and Topher Cochrane and the topic is their newly released sailing movie ‘Chasing Bubbles’. The film is about a circumnavigation by a friend of theirs, Alex Rust, and during the interview we hear about what compelled them to make the movie. Alex Rust's story is one of inspiration and about living life to the fullest. The movie is very emotional as we hear about during the interview. Ross and Topher were close friends of Alex and the original collection of footage was being put together for a documentary by Topher and Alex. You can watch the ‘Chasing Bubbles’ movie now, for free, on youtube or Vimeo and I think Vimeo seems to be the best option for people not in the US. Please find a time to watch the movie and to then share it with your friends as well.

To watch on Vimeo use this link -

To watch on YouTune use this link -

Chasing Bubbles - Full Documentary from Topher Cochrane on Vimeo.

During the interview we mentioned Webb Chiles. If you would like to listen to the interview with Webb Chiles you can find it in episode 24:

Chasing Bubbles route from 2009 to 2012


Fast Passage 39

The moonshine logs

The Fast Passage 39 was designed by William Garden and built by Tollycraft in the state of Washington. There are only 40 or so in existence, originally built by Philbrooks in Sydney, BC. They are proven passage-makers and decent performers, often compared to the Valiant 40. Features include long fin keel, skeg-hung rudder, keel-stepped mast, and cutter rig.

Fast Passage 39

In 1982 Francis Stokes sailed a Fast Passage 39 in the first BOC challenge -- a singlehanded round-the-world race -- finishing second in class. The Moonshine Logs is a wonderfully moving and insightful account covering Francis Stokes' modest beginnings in ocean racing to his later triumphs in his beloved Moonshine.

Stokes tells of his first transatlantic crossing in 1970 when he sailed Crazy Jane from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, to Plymouth, England. During the ensuing 15 years, Stokes participated as a single-handed racer in may of the major ocean races of the time, from OSTAR 1967 to several Bermuda One-Two races, to this first BOC challenge single-handed round-the-world race in 1982, where he performed the daring rescue of Tony Lush in the Southern Indian Ocean. Here is a high-quality narrative of sailing races. (Midwest Book Review)

The book about the journey is 'The Moonshine Logs' and you can find a copy on

Amazon by following this link:  

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Crossing the Atlantic by yacht

Episode 57 of The Sailing Podcast is with Riley and Elayna of Sailing La Vagabonde. The story of La Vagabonde started with Riley searching for a yacht to sail singlehanded, which led to finding La Vagabonde in Italy. From here he crossed paths with Elayna, who joined Riley to sail throughout Europe and across the Atlantic. Elayna began producing videos of the trip and posted them to YouTube for the entertainment of friends and then began to notice many others were starting to watch and share their videos. Their following quickly grew to 36,500 subscribers and their first video has over 600,000 views to date. In this episode we hear about: - How Riley found a yacht, sailing and Elayna - How Elayna began producing videos of the journey - How their audience is supporting them via

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The Sailing Podcast


Sailing La Vagabonde

Vagabond definition

This interview starts with a great story of how Riley began the search for a yacht and there are definitely a few lessons there for everyone. Starting with a marine surveyor is the first lesson, working hard and saving money is the second, and the power of the moustache (for attracting crew) is the third! Riley ended up finding a 2007 model 43' Beneteau Cyclades for around $100,000 and then spent some more getting it up to scratch. The boat was renamed La Vagabonde and Riley gave us some insight into this purchase process and lessons learned during the podcast. In addition you can find more information at their website - including access to an eBook with more detail on how it all came together.

Sailing La Vagabond

I came across Riley and Elayna through their YouTube channel - probably via a recommended link - and immediately became a huge fan. This has to do with the fact that they are Aussies, although it's also because of a certain humour and passion that comes through their videos. It seems I am not the only fan out there. As of late August 2015 they have a following of over 35,000 YouTube subscribers and the initial video has had over 600,000 views. Elayna is the video producer. It was interesting to hear during the interview how much time it takes to get them together. To produce a great video takes mountains of footage. I recall Elayna stating they try to shoot a couple of hours a day and then it takes another couple of days to sort through the footage and put it all together. The effort has certainly paid off and the production is a credit to Elayna, who has developed a style that keeps the viewer's attention using short clips and capturing beautiful images of their sailing adventure. At the same time Elayna has managed to capture a snippet of the Aussie sense of humour - assisted by the star performer/captain, Riley. The dry humour and optimist outlook on the journey of discovery and learning to sail allows the watcher to empathise and not feel like an outsider.


Support us on Patreon

The interview explored how the website Patreon has provided a means for the audience of Sailing La Vagabonde to support them. Patreon is a sort of crowd-sourcing website, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where Patrons can support artists in creating their work. For Elayna and Riley the patrons donate an amount per video they produce, thereby offering the La Vagabonde team more opportunity to continue with their travels and share it with the audience. If you would like to check out Sailing La Vagabonde on Patreon visit Here are some other places to find Sailing La Vagabonde: The Sailing La Vagabonde website -

  • Sign up to the newsletter and receive a copy of their eBook
  • Find out more about Elayna's upcoming album

The Sailing La Vagabonde facebook page - Elayna's instagram account -


The best way to listen to The Sailing Podcast is using the app! Now available in Google Play - just search for The Sailing Podcast in the Google Play StoreGoogle Play SailingYou can now also find The Sailing Podcast app in the Amazon App store and wherever Windows phone users go to find apps. This brings the app to 4 major app storefronts and allows me to add additional content directly to the podcast app so you can find links etc using PDF's provided with the episodes. If you get a chance to leave a review it would be appreciated.

Sailing La Vagabonde on Today Tonight



Thanks for listening to the podcast and I hope you have a great day and thank you for joining us on our journey

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Episode 53 of The Sailing Podcast is with Yves Gelinas talking about the re-release of his classic sailing movie ‘With Jean-du-Sud Around the world’ in High Definition (HD). The movie won several awards when it was released and remains one of the best sailing movies of all time.

Yves Gelinas is also well known in the yachting fraternity at being the brains behind the Cape Horn windvane, a self-steering device he designed to meet his needs while sailing solo. All of this is well documented at Yves website –

In this episode we hear about:

  • Being dismasted in the Southern Ocean
  • How sailing is a work of art
  • The Cape Horn windvane versus auto-pilots
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The Sailing Podcast



 With Jean-Du-Sud around the world trailer


Cape Horn Windvanes

Cape Horn Windvane

The impetus for this interview with Yves Gelinas was the release of his movie in HD after work carried out by Don Peebles. The original movie was shot using the technology of the time, 16mm film with sinc sound. Yves explains the challenges this involved, including having only a limited supply of film reels to use due to the low budget he was operating on. The HD version of the movie is available for purchase as a DVD or via download from the Vimeo website. Here is how to get a copy:  

The movie comes in an English version as well as the original version in French. I did talk to Yves about why there was only a French version of the book he wrote - ‘Jean Du Sud et l’Oizo-Magick’. He still has the last few copies available to buy and explained how flying the Quebec flag caused difficulties with the English speaking members of the media industry. This led to his English version of the film being broadcast much later than the French version. It was also given a poor time-slot and had to be edited down to a much smaller film.





“It was the boat that chose me”

Yves Gelinas

The popularity of the movie of circumnavigating the world solo is because Yves viewed sailing as a work of art. He looked at the journey as an artist and director, which led to scenes that capture the moments of the voyage that we, as viewer, can relate to.

Some ingenious filming techniques included creating a helmet cam and filming the yacht sailing from a kite camera. This was back in 1981, well before the Go-Pro became popular. Maybe he would have retired by now if he stuck with the helmet camera industry?

Links to Yves stuff:


I have another interview recorded with Peter Heiberg about his self-published book:

Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs and Bluewater Sailing

I really like the description on the cover of the book, which reads: “Snapshots from a life at sea, from sailing pilot cutters to cruise ship captain, from commercial fisherman to single-handed ocean racing”

His story includes owning a real Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter built in 1899 – Peter owned the cutter for over 30 years and I say a real channel cutter, because Peter teaches me a little about the difference between his yacht and the Lyle Hess designs, which were featured in the interviews with Lin Pardey and Franz Amussen. Keep your eye out for this episode coming out.

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a great day and thank you for joining us on our journey

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