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Episode 65 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Matt Rutherford of the Ocean Research Project.

Ocean Research Project

I last spoke to Matt in Episode 22 about his solo sailing expedition around the Americas.

A lot has happened since then and it was fascinating to hear just what he has been up to and where his passion for ocean sailing has taken him. Matt talked about meeting his partner, Nikki, and how together they have been able to accomplish some amazing feats. This includes completing a Trans Pacific Plastic pollution survey in 2014 and sailing to Greenland to collect data for NASA and the Smithsonian Institution. 

Through the Ocean Research Project Matt has demonstrated the ability and efficiency of using a sailing yacht as a legitimate research vessel. Matt has shown the scientific community a practical way to collect scientific data and Matt hopes to expand the Ocean Research Project fleet over time.

During the interview we hear about:

  • Citizen Science Projects
  • The search for a 3rd Mate
  • Solo sailor Manu Wattecamps' rescue in the Bering Sea
  • How you can help Ocean Research Project

The Sailing Podcast  

Ocean Research Project

Best Ocean Research

Matt Rutherford's Ocean Research Project is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and you can donate by visiting their donate page at

The project is currently searching for other funding opportunities, such as grants, to support their operations. While Matt is busy coordinating the upcoming expedition he could certainly use some assistance in sourcing and applying for grants. If you are able to offer some previous grant seeking or grant writing expertise to help Matt source grants please contact him at

Matt Rutherford Sailing

If you would like to learn more about what Matt and Nikki are doing this year you can catch up with them in the following ways:

Website -

Facebook -

YouTube -

Matt has let me know during the interview that he has completed a few TED talks. Below is a TED talk given by Matt regarding garbage in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean:

Matt Rutherford TED talk

The CEDRiC Project

Just on a personal note, I did mention during the interview that I am working on a research project at the moment – it’s called the CEDRiC Project and my role is data collection on the interactions of a nurse practitioner in a residential aged care facility. The researchers will investigate how nurse practitioner interactions might help reduce unnecessary Emergency Department presentations. If you are interested you can see the project website it is at

The rescue of Emanuel 'Manu' Wattecamps

During the interview I  got to ask Matt a question about Manu Wattecamps, a French single-handed sailor, who was rescued in the Bering Sea. I had posted the video of Manu jumping from his yacht onto the Facebook page and Matt Rutherford let me know he had an interesting story to tell.

Matt had crossed paths with Manu prior to Manu heading through the North-west Passage. Matt had lent Manu a satellite phone and Manu promised to return it to him. Check out the video below and guess whether the phone ever made it back to Matt. Want to know the answer? You will have to listen to the interview!  

I searched for Manu on the internet to see what he is currently up to and I found his Go Fund Me page at If you can translate the page and let me know what it is all about please email me...

Here is the epic video of Manu jumping from his yacht with his cat shoved into his jacket.

Red Dot on the Ocean

Matt Rutherford's movie regarding his solo circumnavigation voyage around the Americas is now available for purchase or hire from the following locations: The Sailing Channel -

Matt Rutherford sailing

"Once labeled a “youth-at-risk,” 30-year old Matt Rutherford risked it all in an attempt to become the first person to sail alone, nonstop around North and South America. Red Dot on the Ocean is the story of Matt’s death-defying voyage and the childhood odyssey that shaped him".

If you would like some insight into what makes Matt Rutherford tick you really should take a moment to watch this movie. Thanks for listening to Episode 65 of The Sailing Podcast and please add your comments below and let us (and Matt) know how you enjoyed the interview.

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