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Noosa River Sailing

This episode is a Bonus Episode of The Sailing Podcast with Linus Wilson of Slow Boat Sailing.

After talking to Linus in the last episode of the podcast, Episode 64, Linus kindly provided his audio version of the first chapter of “Slow Boat to the Bahamas” for me to share with listeners of The Sailing Podcast.

We also take the chance to let you know about the creation of a Patreon page for The Sailing Podcast. If you haven’t heard of Patreon it is a site where you can donate money to support your favourite creators.

There are other websites designed to crowd fund or fundraise for one-off projects such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe but the difference with Patreon is you are able to support on an episode by episode basis.

The link for us is and if you have a look there is a ‘become a patron’ button – all supporters are called patrons, but before you click on the donate button you might like to have a quick look at the video Carina and I put together at the Noosa River one day about why we are on Patreon.  


The Patreon site lets you put up rewards for your supporters and I just want to quickly mention the gifts I have for people who donate. I have set up a series of rewards such as:

  • getting a Sailing Podcast sticker
  • getting an Kindle edition of a book from one of our guests
  • being able to post a link to your sailing or personal blog on resources page of
  • and there is a donation level that entitles you to receive a sailing podcast T-Shirt and I will be putting a few designs up for a vote by the Patreon members

I hope you can see some value in the podcast and while it will continue to be free we hope you can join us on Patreon to support the show and keep the episodes rolling out.

Slow Boat Sailing

Slow Boat Sailing

You can find Linus Wilson at – and Linus has another book out called “How to sail around the world part-time” so you might like to check that out as well and you can find him on Facebook – search for slow boat sailing.

Upcoming interviews

I have a couple of interviews lined up – firstly with Matt Rutherford who is preparing for another Ocean Research expedition. I hope to hear about the last trip they did and what is coming up this year. After this I have an interview scheduled with Louis Hoock from Alaska adventure sailing and I can’t wait to hear some of his stories because I checked out his website – and there is a picture of the yacht sitting at the base of a glacier and it is just amazing to imagine being there.  

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a great day and thank you for joining us on our journey You have been listening to David and Carina Anderson of “The Sailing Podcast”

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Linus Wilson author

Episode 64 of The Sailing Podcast is with Linus Wilson, author of 'Slow Boat to the Bahamas'. I came across the promotion snippet for Linus's book and knew immediately it would be great to hear his story. The book description reads:

"SLOW BOAT TO THE BAHAMAS is a funny look at getting the sailing bug, preparing for, and going on the big trip with a four year old and a four pound dog"

You can find a copy of 'Slow Boat to the Bahamas' online at Amazon. There is a hard copy to purchase or you can download the Kindle edition to read on your device of your choice.

There is bonus content with this episode. Linus has shared the first chapter of the book in audio-book format. The audio is available with the episode as bonus content if you are using The Sailing Podcast app.

You can find The Sailing Podcast app by searchin in either the Google Play store - just search for 'The Sailing Podcast'

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or find it in the iTunes store - just search for The Sailing Podcast

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During the interview we hear about:

  • Getting the sailing bug
  • Choosing a suitable yacht
  • Sailing single-handed



The Sailing Podcast

Slow Boat to the Bahamas

Slow Boat Sailing

The conversation with Linus began with hearing about getting the sailing bug and learning to sail. After this Linus shared how he progressed through his choices of yachts and onto sailing to the Bahamas. With the trip completed, book written and adventures beckoning, Linus finished by letting us know about his future plans. If you would like to catch up with Linus online, Facebook is a great place to start. You can join his group and talk about slow boat sailing at In addition to this you can also get access to his email newsletter with free samples of past and current writing projects, and sailing adventures. Newsletter subscribers get advance notice about freebies and discounts on new content. You can signup for the Slow Boat Sailing newsletter at Slow Boat Sailing


Free Bonus Content - mp3 recording of Ch 1

Linus has given listeners of ‘The Sailing Podcast” access to the audio version of the first chapter of ‘Slow Boat to the Bahamas’. The best way to access the bonus content is to use the app for listening to Sailing Podcast. You can find the Sailing Podcast app for your iPhone or Android phone in the The iTunes store or the Google Play store.

If you are downloading the podcast using another podcast app or you listen directly from the website, I will post the chapter as a separate bonus episode in the next week or so. Once this is done I will post the links here as well.  

You can now also find The Sailing Podcast app in the Amazon App store and wherever Windows phone users go to find apps. This brings the app to 4 major app storefronts and allows me to add additional content directly to the podcast app so you can find links etc using PDF's provided with the episodes. If you get a chance to leave a review it would be appreciated :-)  

Thanks for listening to the podcast and I hope you have a great day and thank you for joining us on our journey

Thanks for listening to David and Carina Anderson of 'The Sailing Podcast'.

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