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Episode 53 of The Sailing Podcast is with Yves Gelinas talking about the re-release of his classic sailing movie ‘With Jean-du-Sud Around the world’ in High Definition (HD). The movie won several awards when it was released and remains one of the best sailing movies of all time.

Yves Gelinas is also well known in the yachting fraternity at being the brains behind the Cape Horn windvane, a self-steering device he designed to meet his needs while sailing solo. All of this is well documented at Yves website –

In this episode we hear about:

  • Being dismasted in the Southern Ocean
  • How sailing is a work of art
  • The Cape Horn windvane versus auto-pilots
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 With Jean-Du-Sud around the world trailer


Cape Horn Windvanes

Cape Horn Windvane

The impetus for this interview with Yves Gelinas was the release of his movie in HD after work carried out by Don Peebles. The original movie was shot using the technology of the time, 16mm film with sinc sound. Yves explains the challenges this involved, including having only a limited supply of film reels to use due to the low budget he was operating on. The HD version of the movie is available for purchase as a DVD or via download from the Vimeo website. Here is how to get a copy:  

The movie comes in an English version as well as the original version in French. I did talk to Yves about why there was only a French version of the book he wrote - ‘Jean Du Sud et l’Oizo-Magick’. He still has the last few copies available to buy and explained how flying the Quebec flag caused difficulties with the English speaking members of the media industry. This led to his English version of the film being broadcast much later than the French version. It was also given a poor time-slot and had to be edited down to a much smaller film.





“It was the boat that chose me”

Yves Gelinas

The popularity of the movie of circumnavigating the world solo is because Yves viewed sailing as a work of art. He looked at the journey as an artist and director, which led to scenes that capture the moments of the voyage that we, as viewer, can relate to.

Some ingenious filming techniques included creating a helmet cam and filming the yacht sailing from a kite camera. This was back in 1981, well before the Go-Pro became popular. Maybe he would have retired by now if he stuck with the helmet camera industry?

Links to Yves stuff:


I have another interview recorded with Peter Heiberg about his self-published book:

Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs and Bluewater Sailing

I really like the description on the cover of the book, which reads: “Snapshots from a life at sea, from sailing pilot cutters to cruise ship captain, from commercial fisherman to single-handed ocean racing”

His story includes owning a real Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter built in 1899 – Peter owned the cutter for over 30 years and I say a real channel cutter, because Peter teaches me a little about the difference between his yacht and the Lyle Hess designs, which were featured in the interviews with Lin Pardey and Franz Amussen. Keep your eye out for this episode coming out.

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a great day and thank you for joining us on our journey

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Franz Amussen

Episode 52 of The Sailing Podcast is with Franz Amussen about Sailing in the Mediterranean. Franz decided to build a Bristol Channel Cutter after being inspired by Lin and Larry Pardey and their stories of adventure in Seraffyn.

Franz built his Lyle Hess design in his backyard and, after spending some time in the San Juan Islands, he sailed over the to Mediterranean and has spent the last 17 years travelling back and forth for Mediterranean sailing adventures. In this episode we hear about:

  • Racing on the Great Salt Lake in Utah
  • Crossing the North Atlantic in a storm
  • The Sailing in the Mediterranean podcast

Sailing in the Mediterranean

One of the things that stood out for me during this interview, apart from all the great advice on the Med, was how Franz has been able to spend so much time sailing. Instead of having to give up his home, his work and his lifestyle Franz has managed to enjoy extended trips sailing while still having a home and a job to return to. He has probably fitted in as much sailing over the past 17 years as anyone who has taken a world cruise.

In a great segue from the last episode with Lin Pardey, Franz describes how he had a hull and deck built by Lyle Hess and delivered to his back yard in Salt Lake City. The Pardey stories of adventures in Seraffyn led Franz to decide on the Bristol Channel Cutter design and I am sure Franz mentioned Larry coming to see his project at some stage.

The books about Seraffyn include:

Seraffyn's Mediterranean Adventure

Cruising in Seraffyn

Seraffyn's European Adventure

We also heard about another Bristol Channel Cutter in Episode 20 with Justin and Linda Tyers about the book Phoenix from the Ashes: The prettiest boat you've ever seen

Franz also has a sailing podcast called ‘Sailing in the Mediterranean’, which you can find in iTunes or download from his website at

Another interesting thing Franz has done is create a set of audio lessons for people needing to get a basic sailboat certification. Some people get this to allow them to charter yachts while overseas. You can check out his course using these link:

Basic Keelboat Certification Lessons for the ASA 101 Exam, Vol. 1 Of 3 - Franz Amussen

Basic Coastal Cruising; Lessons for the ASA 103 Exam, Vol. 1 Of 2 - Franz Amussen

Bareboat Cruising Certification Lessons for the ASA 104 Exam Vol 1 Of 3 - Franz Amussen

We also spent some time discussing how to ship your yacht to other places. The interview I did with Sevenstar Yacht Transport was back in Episode 46. Franz also suggested just going boat shopping in the Mediterranean instead of shipping your yacht and I bet there are plenty of yacht to find.

This week I have begun to listen to the audiobook about the adventures of Lin and Larry Pardey. I think it is a fascinating story and the audiobook is really well produced. Don't forget I have a promotion to offer from Audible that will let you get one free credit to download a book on Audible by trialing their monthly plan. You could use it to try out a copy of the biography - As Long as it's Fun.

Just go to and this will redirect you to the Audible Trial Website. You can get a free audiobook by trialing their monthly plan. Even if you decide to cancel before your 30 day trial ends, you get to keep the audiobook.


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