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sailing the north west passage

Episode 68 of The Sailing Podcast is with Richard Hudson, who has been sailing to Antarctica and the North West Passage. Richard has circumnavigated the Americas in his 50ft steel schooner Issuma.

We hear about why Richard chose the Damien II design and also about the perils of having to purchase a yacht sight unseen, because the yacht was for sale in France, while Richard was in New York. We only spoke about a fraction of Richards sailing and there are some other interesting stories on his website,, including his account of being rolled over in his former yacht Orbit II, in a Force 9 storm, 300 miles south of Iceland.

Richard shares the story of purchasing Issuma in France and sailing down the Atlantic to Argentina for a refit. After this he sailed back to New York and prepared for a journey that took him through the North West Passage and, after a break in Canada, he sailed to Antarctica.

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  • Links to Richard's website and guides
  • Information about the Damien II Schoonar
  • To see the map of the voyages of Issuma

If you would like to download a free PDF guide on sailing small schoonars, written by Richard Hudson, then download The Sailing podcast app from iTunes or the Google Play store. I mention it during the interview and Richard was kind enough to let me share it as a PDF bonus to this episode. Just search for the sailing podcast in iTunes or Google Play store if you have an android phone.

Sailing to Antarctica and the North West Passage

Sailing to Antarctica and the North West Passage

I found Richard Hudson after seeing a map of his journeys posted onto a Facebook post in the Sailing the North West Passage group. He has also been sailing to Antarctica.

The yacht Issuma is a Damien II designed schoonar with an ice breaking hull made of steel. One of the main features which made Richard choose the Damien II was the swinging keel, with 4.5 tons of lead and room for 700 liters of fuel. The yacht was located in France and Richard tells the story of buying a boat sight unseen, and some of the consequences of this during the podcast interview.

Richard has written some great articles at his website -, and this includes an article on sailing small schoonars, which he has allowed me to share via a free PDF if you download the episode using The Sailing Podcast app.

It is available from iTunes or the Google Play store. - just search for The Sailing Podcast. Richard has a history of sailing to Antarctica, which goes back to the Shackleton expedition.

There is an interesting thread, which developed over the past 3 episodes with Louis of Alaska Adventure Sailing, then Ross and Topher of Chasing Bubbles Movie and now Richard on Sailing Issuma. All have taken huge trips using crew sourced along the way. It goes to show there are plenty of opportunities to gain some valuable experience by looking on sites like, which is the one Richard used for finding crew for his travels. Don’t forget, I talked to Kylie from Findacrew all the way back in Episode 3.

Speaking of podcast guests, there are a couple of Aussies who just popped into Noosa, Michael and Andy Hoult, who have just returned from season cruising the South Pacific on their home built yacht, Roam.

If you want to check out their YouTube channel it is sailsurfroam. Carina and I spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon hearing about how they built the yacht ‘ROAM’ in Tasmania and some tales from sailing the South Pacific. They will appear on the next episode of the podcast.

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