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alex-rust Episode 67 of The Sailing Podcast is a conversation with Topher Cochrane and Ross Gerber about the making of the 'Chasing Bubbles' movie. Chasing Bubbles is about the circumnavigation by Alex Rust on his yacht 'Bubbles'.You can watch it for free on YouTube and Vimeo. The links and player are located further down this post. I watched the movie before I spoke to Ross and Topher and there probably is a case for you watching it before listening to the rest of the podcast, because we do discuss the story in detail during the interview. The movie is about Alex Rust, a charismatic 25 y/o from Indiana who trades the life of a stock trader for that of derelict sailboat captain. With no previous experience, he and his bearded pals dare to circumnavigate the globe in desperate pursuit of a meaningful life. Continue reading this article for:

  • Links to watching the Chasing Bubbles Movie for free
  • Information on the Fast Passage 39
  • Review of the sailing book 'The Moonshine Logs'


Chasing Bubbles Documentary

The interview for Podcast 67 is with Ross Gerber and Topher Cochrane and the topic is their newly released sailing movie ‘Chasing Bubbles’. The film is about a circumnavigation by a friend of theirs, Alex Rust, and during the interview we hear about what compelled them to make the movie. Alex Rust's story is one of inspiration and about living life to the fullest. The movie is very emotional as we hear about during the interview. Ross and Topher were close friends of Alex and the original collection of footage was being put together for a documentary by Topher and Alex. You can watch the ‘Chasing Bubbles’ movie now, for free, on youtube or Vimeo and I think Vimeo seems to be the best option for people not in the US. Please find a time to watch the movie and to then share it with your friends as well.

To watch on Vimeo use this link -

To watch on YouTune use this link -

Chasing Bubbles - Full Documentary from Topher Cochrane on Vimeo.

During the interview we mentioned Webb Chiles. If you would like to listen to the interview with Webb Chiles you can find it in episode 24:

Chasing Bubbles route from 2009 to 2012


Fast Passage 39

The moonshine logs

The Fast Passage 39 was designed by William Garden and built by Tollycraft in the state of Washington. There are only 40 or so in existence, originally built by Philbrooks in Sydney, BC. They are proven passage-makers and decent performers, often compared to the Valiant 40. Features include long fin keel, skeg-hung rudder, keel-stepped mast, and cutter rig.

Fast Passage 39

In 1982 Francis Stokes sailed a Fast Passage 39 in the first BOC challenge -- a singlehanded round-the-world race -- finishing second in class. The Moonshine Logs is a wonderfully moving and insightful account covering Francis Stokes' modest beginnings in ocean racing to his later triumphs in his beloved Moonshine.

Stokes tells of his first transatlantic crossing in 1970 when he sailed Crazy Jane from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, to Plymouth, England. During the ensuing 15 years, Stokes participated as a single-handed racer in may of the major ocean races of the time, from OSTAR 1967 to several Bermuda One-Two races, to this first BOC challenge single-handed round-the-world race in 1982, where he performed the daring rescue of Tony Lush in the Southern Indian Ocean. Here is a high-quality narrative of sailing races. (Midwest Book Review)

The book about the journey is 'The Moonshine Logs' and you can find a copy on

Amazon by following this link:  

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